Access Points

Q1 Cannot connect to the Wireless Router to configure it.

A1 Check the following:
In Windows, you can check these settings by using Control Panel-Network to check the Properties for the TCP/IP protocol.

Internet Access

Q2 When I enter a URL or IP address I get a time out error.

A2 A number of things could be causing this. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

Q3 Some applications do not run properly when using the Wireless Router.

A3 The Wireless Router processes the data passing through it, so it is not transparent.

Wireless Access

Q4 My PC can't locate the Wireless Router.

A4 Check the following:

Q5 Wireless connection speed is very slow.

A5 The wireless system will connect at the highest possible speed, depending on the distance and the environment. To obtain the highest possible connection speed, you can experiment with the following:

For ADSL Routers

Q1 Why all LED indicators are off?


Q2 Why LAN LED is not lighting?


Q3 Why ADSL LED is not lighting?

A3 Check the connection between the ADSL “DSL” port and the wall jack.

Q4 Why cannot visit Internet with ADSL LED is on?

A4 Ensure that the following information is correctly entered.

Q5 Why cannot open the Modem Web configuration page?

A5 Follow below steps to check the communication between the computer and modem.

Q6 How to load the default setting after incorrect configuration?